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Top 10 Most Underrated Movies Of All Time You Should Watch - Best Movies

Top 10 Most Underrated Movies Of All Time You Should Watch - Best Movies

Top 10 Most Underrated Movies Of All Time You Should Watch - Best Movies

Top 10 Most Underrated Movies Of All Time

There is no redundancy, no exaggeration, no extra coating, no care - yet there is love, there is separation, there is waiting, there is silence, there is softness all over. There are some movies, which take place in the mind for no reason at all. In a journey of two hours, a couple of characters enter the house of the mind forever, even if they try, they cannot be forgotten, they cannot be moved away. I tried to write a summary of some of my favorite movies like this ..

The Most Underrated Movies

The classic (2002)
This movie of romantic drama genre is able to take you to the highest level of fascination. It's like a Hawaiian dessert bought at a fair. Even if it is put in the mouth, its residue remains for a long time. The movie can create intense love effort even among people without love.

October Sky (1999)
That movie will encourage you to dream. It will inspire you to cherish your dreams and aspirations. It tells the story of an indomitable will without giving up, or of winning with a strong morale to ignore social prejudices while keeping friends intact. Which has always been an inspiration.

A Separation (2011)
Ever heard the sound of silence? The silence that makes you stop, stop, think for a long time. The Iranian film, which won an Oscar in the foreign category in 2012, will overwhelm you with the last silence. Where there is father-son cool love, godliness, loneliness and ....

Belasheshe (2015)
Does love really run out at a certain age? Or it is hidden in the family fence in some corner of the heart, in silence, in secrecy, in secret, with great care. A combination of strong dialogue, acting style, storytelling and family passion is the name of the game. Which is higher than the so-called movie ..

Children of Heaven (1996)
The story of the brother's immense sacrifice for a pair of sister's shoes. Which makes me feel bad, taps the strings of sadness pressed inside my chest, the sad melody that evokes separation comes out from there. At the end of the movie, open the headphones and wipe the blurred eyes. This event is repeated, once, twice, repeatedly. Yet its irresistible attraction does not cut it. Movies should be like that.

The Color of Paradise (1999)
Mohammed, a 12-year-old blind and helpless child, is a film that will be remembered for a lifetime, tormented by the hard reality of life. Not much can be written about that. Masterpiece.

IraMiracle in cell no. 7 (2017)
This Korean movie melted the hard ice inside the eyes and turned it into a liquid by disproving the belief of most movie lovers who never cried after watching a movie. It is a story of strange innocence, enchanted and pure love of a father and his princess. The scope of which continues to grow in different cells of the great age. Never come. Never.

Most Underrated Movies Bollywood

Lunch The lunchbox (2013)
The late Irfan Khan is there, along with Nawazuddin Siddiqui. There are two lunchboxes, there is a strong dialogue with the narrative of a relationship that cannot be named, in the form of which a simple story becomes extraordinary. Anything else?

🎬 October (2018)
"It's Not a Love Story, It's a story about love". Shiuli flowers are mixed throughout the story. Juhi Chaturvedi tied the story around this flower that brought temporary life, Sujit started his hand in cinema. Farewell and sadness spread across the screen, the sadness repeatedly touched the audience. How the violin melody and the soft fragrance of hyacinth flowers are felt throughout the movie ..

 Qarib Qarib singlle (2017)
Movies that make the mind feel good. Which can be specialized in the adjective "beautiful". Needless to say. Irfan Khan will never come up with a movie with such a script. What a pity.

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